Himley Hall Portrait Photographer-Leah

Hi I’m just going through some of my pics and thought i would share a few of my favorites with you, starting off with a couple of portrait shoots that i have done in the past. This one is  Himley Hall Portrait Photographer-Leah which was shot back in our little summer that we had, it seems like ages ago. Leah is a beautiful young lady all the way from Nigeria and studying here in the UK.

A little about the portraits of Leah. This shot was taken at Himley Hall, back in the summer just as the sun was setting, so mostly using ambient light with just a little amount of fill light on camera left side.Himley Hall Portrait wedding PhotographerSo this one was taken on the hay fields by Summerhill school, in full daylight, i used a strobe light and a speedlight of camera to fill in the shadows to create this beautiful shot of LeahHimley Hall Portrait Photographer-Leah This shot was taken standing quite a distance from Leah and shooting through the flowers to create a little Bokeh which adds some interest to the photo.himley hall portraits on location

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