Hello, thank you for stopping by my post, West Midlands Wedding Photographer-Sabrina Chris photo shoot. Below their are some pictures from their great shoot we had. Firstly though we attempted to do this shoot a little while back but it was a little to cold, this post will also include a few from the first shoot. Our first shoot was taken near to Himley Hall where the second we went to the Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge, then we went off to a field to get a few in the rapeseed at Codsall.

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West Midlands Wedding Photographer-Sabrina Chris

Bluebells Portrait With Jasmine

Hello, welcome to this post Bluebells Portrait With Jasmine, I first met Jasmine and her mum at a fashion shoot i did a few months ago, I think this location and the Bluebells would be a great setting to do a portrait shoot with jasmine, I think you will agree that Jasmine did an amazing job as my model.

Bluebells Portrait With Jasmine

Hello, here you can look through a few pictures of Alfie. This shoot Baby Portrait Wombourne Woods-Alfie was shot a couple of weeks ago in the woods at Wombourne. Alfie is just thirteen weeks young and did an amazing job of allowing me to take these photo’s. We had some great weather leading up to this shoot but our good old British weather always takes a turn when you have something planned, not that Alfie minded but Mommy was a little bit hesitant, however we made it got these few little pics for you to take a look at. Enjoy.

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Kingswinford Stourbridge Codsall Wolverhampton Baby Portrait Photography

Baby Portrait Wombourne Woods-Alfie

Hi, Thank you for taking time to look at my blog posts, the image you can see below is Noah, this was from a shoot i had done a little while back, I want to design a leaflet for Baby Portrait Photographer-Mark Armstrong and this is what I came up with. If you would like a photo shoot of a loved one please use my contact HERE

Baby Portrait Photographer-Mark Armstrong


Baby Portrait Photographer-Mark Armstrong


Hello !!! I would like to share this picture with you as I think its just a great shot, it was taken on Valentines day and part of the engagement shoot we shot. As the day was so cold we decided to do the shoot at a later and warmer day, so for now their is just a few pictures to show you but more to come.

As a wedding photographer I photograph weddings all over the West Midlands, I also photograph engagement shoots too, with every wedding that i book i will shoot your engagement shoot for free at a location of your choice, (terms and conditions do apply). Thank you for looking at this post and please take a look through some more of my posts. Wedding Photographer Mark Armstrong.

Wedding Photographer Mark Armstrong

Wedding Photographer Mark Armstrong

Hi and welcome to my post Himley Hall Black & White Portrait photographer-Leah. I was just going through a few old photo shoots i have done and came across this shot of Leah taken at Himley Hall. I have turned this to black and white now to me the image looks amazing, I hope you agree!!! Himley Hall Black & White Portrait photographer-Leah


Himley Hall Black & White Portrait photographer-Leah

Hello I hope your going to like my post this time, Himley Hall Portrait Photographer-Fun Shoot this week. This portrait shoot was taken in some woods close to Himley Hall. I just loved this shoot from start to finish, as you can see from the shot we got really dramatic with the smoke and the off camera flash we used giving us this amazing result. I will soon be posting a few more shots from this shoot real soon, please come back to check it out.

Himley Hall Portrait Photographer-Fun Shoot Mark ArmstrongHimley Hall Portrait Photographer-Fun Shoot

Welcome to my post this week, its a little different, I went to Himley woods with Jamie my son just to test out some lighting with water as i want to use on a shoot, after about ten to fifteen minutes of trying different things Jamie thought this was a good idea, to be fare with him it did make me laugh.

Himley woods with Jamie

Himley woods with Jamie

Hello. My post you are looking at today is Winter Engagement Himley Hall Sabrina & Chris, it was a little cold for this shoot but well worth braving the cold as we got some amazing results from the shoot. Our shoot this time wanted to be a little different and not just shoot without adding some light to the couple, so for this shoot we used some off camera flash, a beauty dish and added some smoke for a different effect. Here is just one picture I’m posting for now, you can see more from this shoot with Sabrina & Chris very soon. Thank you for taking your time to look at this post.

Winter Engagement Himley Hall Sabrina & ChrisWinter Engagement Himley Hall Sabrina & Chris

Winter Engagement Himley Hall Sabrina & Chris